Board of Directors

Camp Laurelwood is fortunate to be governed by a highly dedicated, all volunteer Board of Directors. Click below to learn about the importance of and the impact that Camp Laurelwood has had on their lives.

Ryan Loss - President

  • Executive Director at Connecticut Behavioral Health - Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University
  • Laurelwood Camper 1986-1991

"I have chosen to stay involved in the Laurelwood community as a board member because the years I spent at Laurelwood allowed me the opportunity to grow as a person and build lasting memories and relationships. I stay involved to make sure that Laurelwood is able to provide the opportunity that I had as a child and adolescent to the youth of today."

Emily Goldschmid - Vice President

  • Family Service Manager - Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County
  • B.A. from Emory University 1999
  • MSW from New York University 2002
  • Laurelwood Camper 1987-1991
  • Staff Member 1994-1996 (Big O General in 1996 ;-)
  • Board Member since 2005

"At camp, I learned how to be independent, how to build strong and genuine relationships, and how to be my authentic self. And I hope that I can continue the tradition of instilling those values and lessons (in addition to many others!), to campers for generations to come. My camp friends are still my very best friends, and whether it's been an hour or a year since seeing them last, I know we will always be able to pick up just where we left off. There is nowhere I feel more comfortable, more confident, more connected, or more welcome than Laurelwood. Laurelwood has always been and will always be my home away from home."

Josh Erlanger - Vice President

  • Vice President at Lerman Container Corporation
  • University Of Pittsburgh
  • Camp Laurelwood Camper 1986 -1992
  • Staff Member 1993 - 1997
  • Board Member 2004-2009, 2017 - Current

“Camp Laurelwood was where I did most of my growing up. To this day many of my best friends are the ones I made at Laurelwood. Being on the board gives me an opportunity to give back to my favorite place on earth and relive some of the best days of my life.”

Marci Levin - Secretary

  • Program Management Advisor - Cigna
  • B.S. from Quinnipiac University 2008
  • M.B.A. from Walden University 2011
  • Camp Laurelwood Camper 1988
  • Staff Member 1994-1996 (Big O Captain in 1996)
  • Board Member since 2016

“Joining the Camp Laurelwood Board of Directors has allowed me to relive all of the wonderful memories that I have of being at Camp several years ago, and now, I am able to help others create similar long lasting memories. To me, Camp Laurelwood is all about memories and traditions and keeping those traditions alive and passing them on from generation to generation.”

Jason Malkin - Treasurer

  • Managing Member - Chimera Securities
  • B.A. Clark University 1997
  • Laurelwood Camper 1988-1990
  • Staff Member 1992-1996
  • Laurelwood Parent 2015 - Present

"Camp Laurelwood was a huge part of my childhood. Through a scholarship, I was able to attend a camp that exposed me to new experiences and a sense of independence that I never would have achieved otherwise. My children have grown up hearing my stories of camp - and I am thrilled that they will now get a chance to make their own Laurelwood memories. Being on the board of directors is a way for me to give back and ensure that all of our children will continue to have the true Laurelwood experience."

Erica Gross - Past President

  • Practice Administrator - Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of CT
  • BA Economics, University of Pennsylvania
  • MBA, University of New Haven
  • Laurelwood Parent 2011 - Present

"I was an overnight camper as a child, and a counselor, and enjoyed the whole experience. As a parent, I appreciate what it does for both of my kids: provide space for ritual, time for respect and an appreciation for finding joy in the simple things in life. Camp Laurelwood for them is a wonderful place to explore and just be themselves.. I'm a part of the Board to ensure that the traditions here continue for the next generation."

Scott Cooper

  • President, Cooper New England Sales, Inc.
  • B.A. American University, 1987
  • Laurelwood Camper 1976-1979
  • Staff Member 1981-1983.
  • Board Member 30 years, President 2004-2005, 2016-2017
  • Laurelwood Parent 2004 – 2018 with 3 children at camp.

“CLW is important to me because I know first hand the impact that it had on me in terms of developing my own Jewish identity as well as a sense of self confidence and independence. Some of the best friendships I have made have been a result of camp. I became involved with camp so that I can help provide the same experience for my children. As I have stayed involved over the years, I have come to appreciate the importance of this institution for our entire Jewish community and look forward to seeing it continue for future generations.”

Jay Cohen

  • Director of Operations, CT Dept. of Consumer Protection
  • Previously: YMCA Executive Director; Parks & Recreation Director
  • Masters Degree in Parks & Recreation Management
  • Laurelwood Camper: 1983-1985
  • Staff Member: 1986
  • Laurelwood Parent: 2008-Present

"My passion for Camp Laurelwood has roots going back to the '60s, when my mother attended as a camper, starting what is now 3 generations of alumni in our family, including me, my wife, my brothers, and my kids. As I want to see Laurelwood thrive and continue to be there for my grandchildren, I joined the board to not only volunteer, but also to share some of my experience as a professional in the camping and fundraising fields for the past 20 years. It is critical that Laurelwood be preserved as the only remaining Jewish overnight camp in Connecticut, providing incredible religious and cultural experiences for kids for over 80 years."

Gregg Feldman

  • VP Client Success, KDS Strategic Search
  • B.A Pace University
  • Laurelwood Parent 2009 - Present (2 Children)
  • Board Member 2012 - Present

“Although I had attended several camps during my childhood, my wife was a “lifer” at Camp Hadar (Clinton CT) - Laurelwood’s rival camp for many decades until its closure in the 90s. We chose Laurelwood in hopes it would provide the same “summer home” experience for our children. We are pleased to say that, since 2009, our children have lived “10 for 2”, developed and maintained strong Jewish identities, sense of community, friends for life and have even extended that experience as active members/leaders of BBYO.”

Michele Gottfried

  • Attorney, Beazley Insurance, Claims Manager
  • B.A. University of Delaware
  • Brooklyn Law School, JD
  • Laurelwood Camper 1984-1990
  • Laurelwood Parent 2007 - Current

“Camp Laurelwood will forever be the best memories of my childhood. I want my children and others to be able to experience what I did - build a Jewish identity; create lifelong friendships; and have a place that just made you feel like you belonged there. Once you are a part of Laurelwood, there is a bond with everyone who also has a connection to it.“

Dana Horowitz

  • Office Administrator, Integrated Protection Services
  • Influencer, Perfectly Posh
  • MSW Hunter College School of Social Work
  • BS University of Vermont in Social Work
  • Laurelwood Camper 1984 - 1989 (Big O Captain-Go Israel)
  • Laurelwood Staff 1996
  • Laurelwood Parent 2006 - Present
  • Board Member 2018 - Present

“Camp Laurelwood was a place where I learned about friendship, independence, confidence and my own Jewish identity. It is such a special place. Smells remind me of camp. Songs remind me of camp. Even sounds remind me of camp. The butterflies of excitement I felt on drop off day I still feel each time I drive up and hear the gravel crackle under the pressure of car tires. My memories make me smile and as a board member I get to help make sure other young people will get to have all the same “feels” for years to come. Laurelwood is a second home.”

Sam Kantrow

  • Meteorologist at WTNH-New Haven
  • B.S Western Connecticut State University
  • Laurelwood Camper 1995-2002
  • Staff Member 2003 - 2010

“Camp Laurelwood has always played a meaningful role in my life. Its influence, even since my first day as a camper continues to benefit me as an adult. The confidence and independence I developed at camp are pivotal in my career as a Meteorologist on live TV. As a new Board member, I am thrilled to be able to help bring those life changing experiences I had to a new generation of kids.”

Beth Milles

  • Theatre Director/Adapter
  • Associate Professor Cornell University
  • Laurelwood Camper 1973-1980
  • Laurelwood Staff Member 1982-1984
  • Laurelwood Parent 2013-present
  • BA Cornell University in History
  • Graduate Theatre Degree Harvard University

"Camp Laurelwood has been a fundamental building block in my life. I joyously spent many summers as a camper and staff member amidst my family and lifelong friends. I cherish these times and have delighted observing my own children form similar bonds, and relish the incredible opportunities camp presents. It has been a privilege to join the Board of Directors and to participate and nourish- not only the past histories of our institution- but to foster and plan for our future aspirations."

Allyson Koplin

  • Laurelwood Current Camp Parent-3 Children
  • Laurelwood Board Member
  • Laurelwood Past Camp Mom-Health Center
  • Laurelwood Past Camper
  • Laurelwood Past Staff Member
  • BA Colgate University,1994
  • Ph.D. Adelphi University, 2002
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice in New York City
  • School Psychologist at Horace Mann School

“Camp Laurelwood has been an important part of my life from childhood to present. From making lifelong friends and experiencing the joy of attending a Jewish camp, Laurelwood has always had a special place in my heart. I am overjoyed to have my own children continue to love Laurelwood and benefit from the opportunities it holds to form connections and develop independence. Being a member of the Board is important to me to ensure Laurelwood can continue to thrive and offer future generations all the gifts it has to offer.”

Jeff Rubin

(Scooby’s Dad!!)

  • CT Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, owner Husky Adjusters LLC
  • B.S. Accounting UCONN, 76’
  • Laurelwood Camper, Counselor, Division Leader: 1969-1975
  • Captain-Sweden 1969 (General-Congo)
  • Co-namer of ’The Cave’ 1975
  • Laurelwood Camper Parent 1999-2004
  • Laurelwood Board Member since 2004 including years as Secretary/Treasurer on
    the Executive Board
  • Member UCONN Cheerleaders Alumni Association
  • Member Pan American Historical Foundation
  • National Champion of Panama- Ms. Pacman 1983

"I have four life passions: #1 is my son David (Scooby). I went to my first rock concert;
The Who, Jefferson Airplane, BB King w/ Joshua Light Show on a Camp Laurelwood
overnight field trip, August 12, 1969 (4 days before Woodstock). Scooby and I have
since attended over 300 concerts/shows leading to his passion for music and him
becoming one of the top DJ's in CT. He continues to DJ the end of season Laurelwood
Banquet/Social. Evenly tied for #2 in my heart is Camp Laurelwood, the UCONN Huskies
and Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)."