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We love our second home Camp Laurelwood! Now we are excited to show it with our new Camp Laurelwood Store and customized labels! Laurelwood is proud to offer a fully new line of gear through our partner, Bunkline Outfitter! OVER 60 ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM! Plus our friends at Bunkline have many additional items to buy, everything you'll need for a wonderful summer camp experience including duffle bags, laundry bags, water bottles, and many more items.

We have also partnered with Best Name Tape to offer high quality labeling options for all your camper's products. When things are labeled, the owner can easliy be found! Since 1955, Best Name Tape has been providing a varietry of labeling options to ensure that labels stay on all summer long.

Remember every item you purchase, Laurelwood receives money back, which goes to the Laurelwood Campership assistance program.