Alumni Events

2019 Summer Social

Camp Laurelwood came together on Sunday, August 18th for the first annual Camp Laurelwood Summer Social. Alumni, friends, and family reunited at camp for fun, food and a stroll down memory lane.

More than 175 friends, family, and alumni gathered on Summer Hill Road to reconnect, reminisce, and celebrate a very important milestone. The celebration featured a classic Laurelwood cookout, a variety of camp activities and a lot of smiling faces. Guests enjoyed a splash in the pool, basketball, ga-ga and more! In addition to the fun around camp, guests enjoyed a heartfelt tribute of speeches, songs, and video messages from alumni and former staff, wishing past Camp Director Norman J. Feitelson a happy 95th birthday.

Feitelson led Camp Laurelwood from 1971 through 1984 after serving on the Board of Directors from 1964-1970. He is credited with developing many of the site and camper experience improvements still popular today, including the Upper Lake boating venue, a large canopied outdoor structure for sports and entertainment events called the “Chuppah,” and the Super Senior Complex for 13-14 year old campers.

“Those years at Camp Laurelwood were the happiest and most rewarding of my life,” Feitelson recalls. “I’m proud of all the good work we did. But I’m most touched when former campers, counselors, and staff approach me on the street or at a restaurant to say how much Camp Laurelwood changed their lives.”

Immediately after the Summer Social, Camp Laurelwood’s online community was buzzing about how special the day was and how wonderful it was to be back together at our home away from home. Camp Laurelwood alum Ken Gilstein summed it up perfectly in saying, "I'm waiting to get on my plane back to Baltimore and feeling fantastic thinking about yesterday's party for Norm. Words can't describe what is was like after being with all of my wonderful friends that I hadn't seen for over 40 years.

Gilstein went on to say, “In my life, I have travelled all over the world. But as far as I am concerned, there is no better place to be than at Camp Laurelwood in the summer, with all of my friends."

The Summer Social was a huge success! In addition to bringing together generations of Camp Laurelwood family and supporters, we exceeded our fundraising goal of $10,000 and raised almost $14,000.

Camp Laurelwood plans to make the Summer Social an annual event and looks forward to welcoming even more of the Laurelwood family next year. Stay tuned for more info!

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