Jewish Life

Fun meets tradition with Judaics and Israeli culture in a warm, welcoming setting; Camp Laurelwood is proud to share and promote our Jewish heritage. We focus on cherished Jewish values including being kind to each other, respecting the earth, self- respect, and Israeli culture and folklore. Kosher Dietary Laws are observed, with a mashgiach (supervisor) on the premises each week.

Every Friday night, campers and staff dress in white to usher in the Sabbath with Kiddush, candle-lighting, and blessing over the Challah. A traditional Shabbat meal is a highlight of the week and is followed by a spirited song session in the Mess Hall.

Friday night services before dinner are led by campers assisted by Jewish educators. Saturday mornings campers have the opportunity to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing morning followed by a short Saturday morning service. Sabbath concludes with a traditional Havdalah ceremony under the stars.

Special Israeli staff are recruited to bring Israeli culture to camp. Jewish Arts are incorporated, Tisha B’Av is observed and special theme days highlight the summer.

We strive to make every camper feel comfortable and welcome in a positive, inspirational Jewish environment.

Camp Laurelwood operates under a set of Jewish Core Values to help us achieve our Vision and Mission.

These Jewish Core Values strengthen the foundation of our camps and help to establish a stronger Jewish learning environment. Furthermore, we believe this environment supports campers and staff in their own Jewish exploration. As they gain a stronger sense of ownership over their own Jewish identity, they identify ways they can incorporate what they've learned into everyday life, both inside and outside of camp.

Building Community: קהילה (Kehillah)
Inspiring a connection to the Jewish People: כלל ישראל (Klal Yisrael)
Welcoming Guests: הכנסת אורחים (Hachnasat Orchim)
Bestowing Kindnesses: גמילות חסדים (Gemilut Chasadim)
Promoting a Healthy Spirit in a Healthy Body: שמירת הגוף והנשמה (Shemirat Haguf)