Activity Plans

What makes our Programs so special??

At Laurelwood, campers need to feel that they are learning new skills, progressing with current skills and have fun while doing it.

To ensure our campers are receiving high quality programming, we have developed Camp Activity Plans (CAPs). All of our Specialists spend months developing these plans which are reviewed by the Program Director and the Camp Director prior to the summer.

What is a CAP (Camp Activity Plan)?

A CAP is a Camp Activity Plan. Each Specialist creates lessons for the entire summer in their specialty area. These lessons ensure that our staff are always prepared for their classes, have all the materials needed and create an atmosphere of organized fun with less down time.

The main functions of the CAPs are to:

  • Provide age-appropriate activities
  • Provide campers the opportunity to learn or a grow a new skill
  • Ensure the activities are fun
  • Help push us to create and live in this environment!