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Inside the Bubble

Episode 1

Check out our first ever podcast, where we are joined by our Camper and Staff Care Coordinator - Lisa Lebowitz - and chat about homesickness and the recommended summer packing list.

Episode 2

Below you will find the recording of our 2nd podcast, where we are joined by our Programming Coordinator - Ella Goulding - and chat about all of the exciting events and activities we have in store for your campers this summer!

Episode 3

For our third podcast, we are joined by our Junior Boys Division Head - Aaron Cohen - and chat about the magic of Shabbat at Camp Laurelwood.

Episode 4

In podcast #4 we are joined by our Junior Girls Division Head, Talia Lum, and our Senior Girls Division Head, Kayla Edelheit, and chat about what a typical ‘Day in the Life’ looks like here at CL!

Episode 5

Last but certainly not least (for this season!) for our 5th podcast, we are joined by Marci Levin, our Board Chair and a 1st time camp parent, and chat about closing day 2022 and post-Camp life!

More podcasts will be coming your way soon!

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