Programs & Activities

What makes our Programs so special?

At Laurelwood we believe that our program structure is as important as the relationships the campers make.  Campers need to feel that they are learning new skills, progressing with current skills and have fun while doing it.

To ensure our campers are receiving high quality programming, we have developed Camp Activity Plans (CAPs).  All of our Specialists spend months developing these plans which are reviewed by the Program Directors, Assistant Camp Director and the Camp Director prior to the summer.

Where did the CAP concept come from?

As a teacher (many years ago), Ari had to create lessons plans for all the subjects and lessons he was responsible to teach. When Ari left teaching and came back to leading camps, he brought this idea with him.  He created the CAP’s to provide more instruction, more fun and less down time.

What is a CAP?

A CAP is a Camp Activity Plan. Each Specialist creates lessons for the entire summer in their specialty area.  These lessons ensure that our staff are always prepared for their classes, have all the materials needed and create an atmosphere of organized fun with less down time.

The main functions of the CAPs are to:

  • Provide Age-appropriate activities
  • Provide campers the opportunity to learn or a grow a new skill
  • Ensure the activities are Fun

The the CAPs continues to help push us to create and live in this environment.

Click on the title below to see our camp programming offerings:

Sports & Outdoors

In the Ga-Ga pits and on the ball fields and playing courts, the sports programs at Camp Laurelwood are all about having fun, meeting challenges and learning as many new skills as possible during the summer. Our athletics  staff and sports specialists gear the competition, drills and games to the skill levels and needs of each camper, emphasizing team work and good sportsmanship. Our covered “Chuppah” allows basketball players all-weather access for games and practice to work on ball handling, shooting, offensive moves, defense and rebounding.

Campers choose from dozens of supervised sports and activities, coached by trained professionals to ensure the highest standards of safety. Helmets, safety gear, proper instruction, lifeguards, protective equipment and footwear for all sports are continually monitored. Inter-camp and league play, visiting specialty clinics, and camp-wide competitions such as the unforgettable “Big O” and Maccabiah annual events return each summer.

Professional fitness staff visit Camp Laurelwood and lead popular workshops for boys and girls including boot camp and self defense classes geared to every age and skill level.

At Camp Laurelwood, we focus on helping each camper improve their sklills and confidence while enjoying the game. By the end of the season, Laurelwood campers are in better physical condition, feel great about themselves and have a passion for new experiences.

Every day is game day with these popular and unique sports:

  • Aerobics
  • Aquatics
  • Archery
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boating
  • Dance
  • Ga-ga
  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Floor Hockey
  • High and Low Ropes
  • Kickball
  • Lacrosse
  • Martial Arts including Krav Maga
  • Mountain Biking
  • Ping Pong
  • Playscape
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Speedball
  • Tennis
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
  • Zip Lines



The great outdoors surrounding Camp Laurelwood’s beautiful site in North Madison beckons campers to chart their course in nature with hiking, fishing, horseback riding and outdoor adventure. Led by a trained nature instructor, campers hike our 140 acres, fish on our private Lake Laurelwood, explore on campus wildlife and learn how to appreciate and protect our envirenment.

High and Low Ropes Course

With the guidance of trained ropes staff, campers reach new peaks with our High and Low Ropes Challenge Course. They fly through the air on the Flying Squirrel, Climbing Jacobs Ladder and the Gorilla Swing. Campers love zipping through the sky on the zipline, swinging on the Holy Cow, balancing on the Ships Crossing, and dangling on the Dangling Duo. The low ropes work on team activities and bonding through the Nitro Swing, Spider Web, Ships Wheel and new this summer, the teetering Whale Watch, the always challenging Mohawk Walk along with other group experiences.

Mountain Biking

Campers are encouraged to bring their bicycles from home and join in once a week offsite bike trip. Our biking staff and nature specialists set the pace for campers to explore local trails, caves, and nature from atop their two-wheelers.


Getting fit is a splash at Camp Laurelwood with instructional and recreational swimming every day!

Camp Laurelwood features two well maintained swimming pools which host two daily swim periods offering ample time for free swim, water games and swim instruction taught by our American Red Cross-certified staff.*

*American Red Cross Lifeguard Training is also offered to our Bonim campers each summer.


Camp Laurelwood’s beach front boating lake offers instruction and free time for kayaking, canoeing, surf-biking and the ever popular paddleboarding!

Our fishing pond located in the center of camp is home to many water species including a family of turtles and is also the site for our nostalgia-filled end of session “Sailing Down the River” program and popular evening luaus.

Creative Arts

Create your own space with arts & crafts, dance, drama & music, aerobics, digital video/photography and field trips. Campers create pottery, ceramics, jewelry, soap, candles, mosaics, and other craft projects to bring home and treasure. Through music and dance, campers learn new songs, routines and dance skills. Our aerobics program combines the music kids love with fitness, exercise and fun.

All campers are stars in Camp Laurelwood’s drama program, as part of their weekly activities or special games, improvisational performances, and the annual camp play. Our newly renovated air-conditioned digital lab is a popular camp destination. Campers can practice their journalism skills working on the camp newspaper, learn digital photography and web production skills and produce videos each week.