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Letter From a Camper

Riley, a 9 year old second year camper from CT, recently sent us this AMAZING letter that we wanted to share with you all! Thank you Riley for putting a smile on our face and for your sweet words. We agree with you, we think CL is the best camp ever!!

Check out her awesome letter below!

Hi Camp Laurelwood,
I think that you are the best camp ever! You have a variety of activities, there is always food you want, and I love Maccabiah and Big O.

I love all the activities! There is archery, slingshot, boating, swimming, ropes, sports, and more! There are all fun and it's cool that we different things every day! My personal favorite is either archery or ropes. I like how you climb up a tree to get to the platform on one of the ropes activities and you can feel the wind when you jump off. I was scared to jump when I did it so I just scooted off.

Another thing I like is that there is always something to eat. If you don't like the food, there is a salad bar, and if you don't like that, there are sandwhiches. Once, I didn't like the food, and I didn't want salad, so I got a sandwhich. If you didn't have other options, I wouldn't have eaten anything! On the days that I do like the food, it tastes really good. I like grilled cheese even though I don't eat tomato soup. Again, there is more than one option!

One last thing I like is Maccabiah and Big O! I love how everyone goes crazy when it breaks and that we get to sing cool songs. Last summer I was on Team Earth for Maccabbiah and we sang a cheer to the tune of the song Believer. In the chorus, instead of the word "pain" we sang the word "earth." It was really cool. I love that you stand on benches.

Some people might not want to go to your camp because they would miss their parents, but camp is so amazing that it doesn't even matter...

I am so excited to go for 3 weeks next summer!!!


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