Support Camp with a LaurelWOOD Mezuzot

Sometimes it is nice to take a moment and reflect on our mission: Camp Laurelwood allows campers the ability to explore and enhance Jewish identity and values, encourage healthy lifestyle choices, and lay the foundation for positive, lifelong friendships.

The memories and friendships made at camp are carried for life and the sense of love and community is what keeps our vast network of campers, alumni, staff and friends so connected to Laurelwood.

Former board president Lisa Harding and her husband David have very thoughtfully taken the time to collect wood from camp and handcraft a limited supply of mezuzot. The Harding family has deep connections to camp and their 2 children spent their summers here and they know how special it is to have a piece of camp in their home.

A mezuzah serves two functions: It serves as a symbol to everyone else that your home is a Jewish household, operating by a special set of rules, rituals, and beliefs.

Second, every time you enter or leave, the mezuzah reminds you that you have a covenant with God. The Camp LaurelWOOD mezuzah reminds you not only of your covenant with God, but also your connection to a camp that has spent over 80 years allowing children the ability to explore and enhance their Jewish identity and values. 

This Hanukkah, show your love of Camp Laurelwood and our community by purchasing a Camp LaurelWOOD mezuzah, each including a certified Kosher scroll.

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