To our Camp Monroe Friends and Families,

All of us at Camp Laurelwood are extremely saddened to learn of the recent closing of Camp Monroe. With both camps sharing an eight-decade history of providing lifelong memories of fun and friendship in the Jewish Tradition of Summer Camp, we truly appreciate the variety of emotions and circumstances you are currently facing.

In the spirit of Tikun Olam, the entire Laurelwood community would like to open our home to you and welcome Camp Monroe families into our family - and do so by making it as affordable as we can to continue your tradition of close-to-home Jewish Summer Camp with us.

  • With that said, although we are a not-for-profit organization, our Board of Directors and our Donors have arranged a significantly subsidized rate for families who registered for Summer 2018 at Camp Monroe.
  • Furthermore, our Board of Directors and our Donors will be able to arrange an even deeper discount if 25 or more Camp Monroe campers choose to join us at Laurelwood this summer.

Please know we love Laurelwood as much as you love Camp Monroe - so we truly appreciate and understand how difficult this time is for you. It will be our greatest pleasure and honor to help your family continue your cherished Summer Camp traditions and create new lifelong memories together for years to come.

Please contact us immediately for discounted rate details and/or to answer any other questions you may have.


  • (203) 421-3736


  • Ari Golub, Camp Laurelwood Director                                       




Ari Golub, Camp Laurelwood Director

Erica Gross, President, Camp Laurelwood Board of Directors