New! 2019 Theme Days & Wacky Wednesdays

Each week Camp Laurelwood will celebrate Wacky Wednesday  with a different themed lunch and activities. Saturdays at Laurelwood are Theme Days Saturdays! One of the best ways that campers and staff celebrate these days is by DRESSING UP.  Along with dressing up, we ask that you send the necessary colors for specific days and props if you have any. All should be labeled!



                    SUMMER 2019

Week 1

  • Wacky Wednesday: Sports Jersey Day (favorite team or player)
  • Saturday Theme Day: Blue vs. White Day  (mini-olympics) 

Week 2hrk9q38tbaODqiRGDOpSRhu6j5bXXZeJG4B5xeZIKa7UDJpmFlxCnwggxOSg_OIAongDyA7wIWMUQQcBnMitetR8qsauJ1_QzHaHjxdmBwUxY0sclsFmPDJeUUpRC5Td7Tqy54W_

  • Wacky Wednesday: Woodstock/Tie Dye Day
  • Saturday Theme Day:  Nickelodeon Day
  • Bonus Day: 4th of July! Show your Ruach - Wear Red, White and Blue            

Week 3

  • Wacky Wednesday:  Purim in July (favorite costume)
  • Saturday Theme Day:  Campchella (favorite band or music artist)

Week 4

  • Wacky Wednesday:  Cartoon Character Day
  • Saturday Pack and Chillax Day: Swim & Pack

Week 5

  • Wacky Wednesday: Superhero Day (favorite superhero shirt/costume) 
  • Saturday Theme Day: Super Soakin' Saturday
  • Bonus Day: Brit Day

Week 6

  • Wacky Wednesday:  Twin Day (match a friend or group of friends)t7V2OWTusaPnHzMpSHGJOvxTaXFWButrbvKS0wnEPThxlMyw7b4e5RRApWv7yYCjYM8EGMDmkp-DPy5sT8csxXGaNRYBF-vRahF-qlBfVlIKx-2y9hG81oGS6gy9m7fUqtakyx6t
  • Saturday Theme Day: Israel Day  (Celebrating all things Israel)

Week 7 

  • Wacky Wednesday:  Pajama Day
  • Saturday Pack and Chillax Day: Swim & Pack 

Click Here to download a copy of our Theme Days and Wacky Wednesdays!