Laurelwood celebrates 80 Years!

On August 26, approximately 400 guests enjoyed an evening of dinner and dancing at Camp Laurelwood, as part of our 80th Anniversary Celebration. This successful fundraiser raised over $300,000 so that Camp Laurelwood can continue to provide the highest quality camp experience for generations of Jewish children.

“It was a tremendous night that brought together so many of our stake holders to relive memories of time spent at Laurelwood. Camp holds such an important place in so many people’s lives and I am thankful to everyone who came out and celebrated this wonderful occasion. We are also grateful to everyone who support Camp Laurelwood,” said  Director Ari Golub.

Some highlights of the evening include commentary by MC Josh Brogadir, Laurelwood Alumnus and emotional videos and moving speeches by the three honorees:

  • Longtime donor, Henry Zachs, who is responsible for the revitalization of virtually every building at Laurelwood.
  • Laurelwood cornerstone, Ken Yaffe, who has worked at Camp for nearly 30 summers.
  • Camp archivist, Stu Katz, who has spent  the past 50 years as  a camper, a staff member, board member and consultant to the camp, as well as provided the Katz Digital Media Center on campus.

An impressive dinner by the Crown Catering and Dancing with Boppers Entertainment contributed to the evening’s success.

About Camp Laurelwood:

Founded in 1937 on 140 wooded acres, Camp Laurelwood is the only Jewish overnight camp in Connecticut. Laurelwood provides a fun, safe and inclusive environment that builds self-esteem and encourages personal growth for children ages 5-15. Camp programs explore and enhance Jewish identity and values, encourage healthy lifestyle choices, and lay the foundation for positive, lifelong friendships.





If you wish to become more involved at Camp Laurelwood, please contact Ari at 203-421-3736.


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The history and legacy of Camp Laurelwood is comprised of the life experiences that thousands of campers and staff have shared over the past 79 years. Whether it was scoring the winning basket in the big game, a first crush, or that moment of learning to solve problems independently, the countless memories generated by spending one or many summers are the best representation of our history.

Camp Laurelwood alumni are physicians, accountants, attorneys, actors, entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, professors, sales professionals, journalists, counselors, business owners, physical therapists, stay-at-home moms and dads, just to name a few. They live across the US, in Europe and Israel. When Camp Laurelwood alumni get together, the common experiences create an energy that transcends the differences in their ages or number of years at camp.

Considering a summer camp experience is a significant decision for parents and children. The athletic fields, swimming pools, lakes, and bunks all start to look the same after a while, so what makes Camp Laurelwood different? That difference is found in the passion of our staff, the commitment of our Board of Directors (the majority of whom are alumni), and the pure joy experienced by our campers every summer.

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