Staff Testimonials

"For the past five years Laurelwood has been my home as a staff member; for the past ten it has been my home for the summer; and for decades upon decades it has been a home to my family.

Whether you have grown up spending your summers in Laurelwood bunks or you’ve just lived vicariously through "The Parent Trap" - Laurelwood can be your home too. Working at Laurelwood certainly requires a great deal of responsibility, maturity, compassion, and intuition. Being a counselor will not only further develop those traits but if you share them with your campers, you will make a difference in their lives.

I began my staff experience with an energy-filled, fun-loving group of recently graduated fourth graders in Bunk 7. Five years later, they are taller than me, know exactly what to say for best chances of getting extra canteen, and will never let me forget the time I walked into a tree on the way to ropes. In addition to the endless laughs and eternal silliness, what we have created over these past five years is so special - unmatched to any other experience. As their counselor and, later, division head, my foremost desire has been to make sure that they have the best summer - where they are the happy and safe; where they try new things; where they can learn to understand and love their bunkmates; where they can grow together as a group and grow into the special, strong girls they are.

Little do they know, they have given me, in turn, more than I could have ever asked for or imagined."

- Laura S.