80th Reunion FAQs

Everything You Need To Know About the 80th Anniversary Celebration

Based on the success of our 75th Anniversary event, we are keeping the best parts and making it even better!

It is with great pleasure that we are able offer this truly epic event at “no-charge”. You will be invited to make a meaningful gift to support Camp Laurelwood and its mission. Please give generously!

The day of the event there will be cocktails (open bar!), followed by an hour-long dinner (think camp “Banquet” catered by The Crown). Boppers will be entertaining us with the music from the eight decades Laurelwood has been around (think camp “social”!). The “after hours celebration” will include bonfires, s’mores, music, and a traditional Laurelwood sailing down the river, and everyone is encouraged to stay and enjoy even more time with camp friends.

  • Please keep in mind that this amazing celebration is also a fundraiser. With that said, there are no minimum or maximum gifts expected. You will be invited to make a meaningful gift to support Camp Laurelwood and its mission. Please give generously!

  • As much as anything, we want to welcome people to/back to camp to find out about the great work we do.

  • It will make you proud to be involved with us.

Wait, did you say there is NO CHARGE for an open bar, a kosher gourmet meal catered by The Crown, and dancing with Boppers?

  • Yup, that is right. It is with great pleasure that we are able offer this truly epic event at “no-charge”. You will be invited to make a meaningful gift to support Camp Laurelwood and its mission. We really want you to come and experience the value of Camp Laurelwood, and to have the opportunity to make a contribution that is meaningful to you. Please give generously!

Who is invited?

  • Anyone and everyone that has ever experienced the magic of Camp Laurelwood, and anyone you want to introduce to the magic of camp. Alumni, staff, parents, relatives, community members, donors…and don’t forget about spouses, friends, and anyone else interested in learning more about Connecticut’s only Jewish Overnight Camp. We want the opportunity to share our love for camp with everyone! **21 and over only**

How many friends and family can join me at a table?

  • Feel free to put together a table of 10 for the dinner and presentation portion of the event. If you don't have ten guests coming with you, no sweat. You will get a chance to sit with people who went to camp and/or share the passion for camp's mission.

Sounds awesome, when does this 80th Anniversary Celebration happen again?

  • August 26th, 2017 from 4:00pm to 10:00pm (and beyond...)

Can I bring my kids?

  • This is an adult only evening, meaning 21+. But stay tuned for Family Friendly events coming soon!

  • And if you want to bring your kids to camp and show them around - during the summer or any other time - please contact the camp office at 203-421-3736, the Director, Ari Golub at ari@camplaurelwood.org or Evelyn Cohen atevelyn@camplaurelwood.org. We would love to hear from you.**

Ok, now that I know that I am leaving the kids at home, tell me more:

  • Check in starts at 4:00pm…and feel free to take a stroll through camp.

  • Then starting at 5:30pm, there will be an open bar and delicious hors d'oeuvres served outside in front of the Mess Hall. Don’t forget to try some of our signature “spiked bug juice” while you catch up with old friends.

  • At 7pm, we will direct everyone to join us in the Chupah for Dinner (aka the Banquet) and our program for the evening, also being catered by The Crown.

  • After dinner will be our “Camp Social” for grown-ups. Enjoy our birthday cake and more. The music for the Laurelwood Social will be provided by Boppers.

  • And then for anyone who wants to stay up past curfew, there will be an “After Party”. All are welcome to stay and join us for s’mores, sailing down the river, and even more fun with friends…

What about dress code?

  • Think back to that dress or suit from the Big O Banquet. Alright, so the look from the 80’s or 90’s may not work for this occasion. Dress casual formal. After all, this is camp - wear what is comfortable. Bring your dancing shoes and whatever makes you feel good

Um, I know smoking is bad for you, but a "friend" wants to know if we can smoke at camp?

  • No smoking allowed on Camp. You can tell your friend that due to Camp’s insurance policy no smoking is allowed. Only camp fire smoke is allowed and the occasional burnt marshmallow.

Can we BYO?

  • If you are asking if you can bring your own sense of fun, memories and generosity, the answer is absolutely! If you are asking if you can bring your own alcohol, then perhaps you missed the above fact that there will be a free open bar with cocktails, beer and wine. So the answer is no. Again, camp policy. And of course, thanks in advance for respecting our safety concerns.

Wicked…. Can I stay over?

  • You bet! Book a bunk. And why wouldn’t you?! There is no cost to stay overnight! Just fill out the RSVP cards that went out with the invitations, or go online to register. And of course we know that you want to be with your closest friends or you have a strong preference about whether you’re in a top or bottom bunk bed. No worries…as always, will we do our best to accommodate!! The bunks will be co-ed unless you reserve an entire bunk for you and your mates. Once you sign up for the overnight, you will receive your “Camper Reunion Manual”, which includes information about what you need to bring with you and a form for you to let us know who you’d like to bunk with.

Will any of our favorite camp activities be open and available?

  • Sorry - not this time. However, since we know some of you won’t be able to resist, for those who do stay over and feel the urge, basketball and tennis courts will be available after midnight. Everything else be closed for the season! But we promise you will be having so much fun, you won’t even notice!

What happens on Sunday if I sleep at Camp?

  • We'll let you sleep in a little bit. And then…sadly…it’s back to reality. “Trunk pick up” will begin first thing in the morning and all guests will kindly be asked to say their goodbyes by 11am.

Anything I can do to help?

  • Sure, we are always looking for volunteers! First, we hope that most of you have already signed on to be Table Captains. One of the most important things about this event is to make sure all of our friends and family come and celebrate with us. But there are also plenty of other volunteer opportunities if you are interested in helping in other ways. Please contact us the camp office at 203-421-3736 or clw80th@camplaurelwood.org for more information.

Table captain? Sounds cool, what is that?

  • Each Table Captain is asked to fill a table of 10 people (including yourself) by inviting guests personally. They can be friends, coworkers, family, neighbors - anybody you know. They may be people who are already passionate about camp, or maybe this is their first introduction to Camp Laurelwood. Your job is simply to get them to attend. You do not have to ask anyone for money. Please contact us the camp office at 203-421-3736 orclw80th@camplaurelwood.org for more information.

This all sounds awesome, are there sponsorship opportunities?

  • An event of this size requires many different products and services, so we welcome inquiries about the best ways to show your support. Please contact us the camp office at 203-421-3736 or clw80th@camplaurelwood.org for more information.

I’M IN! How do I RSVP?

  • Invitations have been mailed out (snail and electronic). To RSVP either fill out the cards and mail back or fill out the online form by scrolling back up and hitting the "register" tab. You can also contact us the camp office at 203-421-3736 or clw80th@camplaurelwood.org for more information or to RSVP.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

  • In case you missed it above, this is a 21 and over event. We hope to offer other opportunities in the near future when we will invite the whole family to celebrate with us.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

  • There won't be any printed tickets. Once you and your guests RSVP via online, phone or RSVP card your names will be on the registration list.

When do I have to RSVP by?

  • The sooner the better – so we can plan for you and so all of your friends know they can expect to see you there. But please no later than August 14th, 2017.